Stewarding Your Marriage

No marriage will fulfill its highest purpose until it is Christ-centered;
and no marriage will be as fulfilling as God purposed without being Christ-centered.

Trinity Bible Church is hosting a special weekend retreat for married couples February 9–11, 2018. Structured around four seminar sessions, this retreat is built on profound, practical wisdom for married couples from God’s Word. It is a retreat for all marriages—new and old marriages, growing and declining marriages, strong and struggling marriages, happy and (seemingly) hopeless marriages.

Much more than self-help methods are needed for a truly healthy marriage. A God-honoring and relationally intimate marriage requires God, in His grace, willing and working through your intentional Christ-centered investmentsuch is the prayer and purpose of this retreat.

February 9–11, 2018

Our special weekend begins with a Friday afternoon check-in (you may check in as early as 4pm). First on the agenda this year is our opening Friday night mealtime, starting at 6pm. After a delightful dinner together, we will kickoff our weekend with our first seminar session. Saturday includes three meals, two sessions, activities, and free time. After breakfast on Sunday, we will close our special weekend with our final seminar session, prayer, and lunch.

Wonder Valley

Wonder Valley Ranch is a beautiful retreat and conference center nestled in the foothills of the Sierras, just east of Fresno, being far enough to experience a true getaway from all the hustle and bustle while being close enough to comfortably drive.


With full accommodations, our special weekend includes a two-night stay in a simple rustic-style room with six ranch-style buffet meals—no cooking, no cleaning, no waiting, and no extra cost. All is designed to maximize your focus and time together as a couple.


There will be both planned and free-time activities, with options ranging from boating or fishing on the pond, playing games in the pavilion, to tennis, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes, or swimming.

Stewarding the Grace of God in the Gift of Marriage

In this memorable weekend retreat, we will together set out to appreciate and apply what God has revealed to us in His Word concerning marriage. We will touch on precious priorities and practical disciplines necessary for stewarding the grace of God in the gift of marriage. Our aim is to help enrich and enhance marriages biblically to glorify God in Christ-centered growth and joyful renewal of covenant love.

Superficial remedies and how-to techniques can only address symptoms, not underlying sins. Only Christ can take away the sin that strikes against every marriage, which is why the theme of this retreat is
marriage as a Christ-centered covenant.

In four units, we will endeavor to renew our minds, from the Word of God, for the sake of Christ and our marriages in the following categories:

  • “What God Has Joined Together”

    In God's design and purpose for marriage; in the biblical meaning and perspective of covenant.

  • “The Two...”

    In the complementary roles and responsibilities of husband and wife.

  • “...Shall Become One”

    In making much of Christ in our communication; in learning to love God's way; in marital intimacy.

  • “As Christ and the Church”

    In cross-centered conflict resolution; in the focus of our marriage; in the joy of our marriage; in guarding our marriage.

"Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh." This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church.
Ephesians 5:31–32


Manny Pereira, Pastor of Trinity Bible Church in Morgan Hill

  • "This weekend really opened our eyes to God's will for marriage, thank you!"
    —Couple married for 2 years
  • "Very rich and powerful!"
    —Couple married for 4 years
  • "I have never heard such deep teaching on marriage."
    —Couple married for 16 years
  • "We needed this!"
    —Couple married for 6 years
  • "This retreat has really touched our hearts and has been a great blessing. We have learned so much this weekend."
    —Couple married for 20+ years
  • "We have been married for 36 years and have attended many marriage seminars, but we have never been so blessed with such a biblical focus."
    —Elder from Grace Family Church

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