June 16-17

Because you were made for
God-centered pleasure

Purity & Pleasure

applying the gospel to sexual purity

This is a conference aimed at applying the gospel to our purity. But it is concerned with much more than sexuality. More than stating the obvious, more than decrying sexual immorality, this conference is centered on God and seeks to connect the gospel to our pleasure. A high view of God and His purposes for our pleasure are characteristically lacking in discussions on purity; and purity is typically handled with law—this conference goes deeper.

Pleasure is important, but its perversion is deadly. We were made to glorify God and enjoy Him forever—we were made for pure pleasure. This conference is designed to practically help and equip by promoting a Christ-centered approach to purity and pleasure.

If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Session 1 - Principle of Pleasure

Pleasure was conceived and created by God for His glory and our good. All that God has made is intended to glorify Him and communicate His supreme beauty and worth. This important session focuses on the foundational principles of pleasure, passion, and purity. These biblical principles are essential to a Christ-centered approach to sanctification.

Session 2 - Problem of Pleasure

Pleasure was designed in purity—pleasure is not the problem. The perversion of pleasure is what marks sinful passions. When we participate in perverted pleasure, we oppose God's glory and our own good. This session dissects the anatomy of temptation and applies the gospel to the pursuit of sanctification.

Session 3 - Protection of Pleasure

True pleasure pleases God and delights the whole of man, being of such a worth that it must be protected. This session prayerfully commends God's provisions for protecting pleasure. It directs hearts to the power of God and details practical Christ-centered strategies for the discipline of the protection of pleasure.

Session 4 - Purpose of Pleasure

We were created to glorify God and enjoy pleasure in Him forever. When pleasure is pure, its serves the purpose of our design. This session celebrates the purpose of pleasure in worship, weight of the soul, and witness.

Married Session - Purity in Pleasure

Pleasure in the marital union is uniquely designed for expressing love and deepening relational joy. There is a powerful intent for pleasure in marriage, but even in marriage pleasure can be perverted. Marriages need purity as well. This session specifically addresses married couples, applying biblical Christ-centered truth to purity and pleasure in marriage.

Is this for me?

recommended age: 13 & older

This is not merely a conference on sexual purity—it is much more. Most emphatically, sexual purity is addressed. But much more than this, it dives beneath the symptoms and deals powerfully with the underlying realities of appetite, craving, and passions. Pleasure is important, but its perversion is deadly. We were made to glorify God and enjoy Him forever—we were made for God-centered pleasure.

For this reason, all adults–younger or older, single or married–are welcome to attend. We are all called to the beauty and pleasure of purity, and this conference aims at helping to equip you with powerful truths and practical tools for your sojourn.

While none are immune to the dangers of temptation to impurity, this conference is particularly aimed at impacting young adults and singles.

If you are struggling with purity, if you are seeking to recover from impurity, if you are simply interested in being strengthened and equipped for purity, if you want to better understand God's purposes and intent for pleasure and sexuality, if you need strength in your singleness, if you wish to do all you can to prepare for marriage, if you need greater purity and pleasure in your marriage, if you desire to become a more consistent and joy-filled worshipper of God, then this conference is for you.

If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

June 16-17

Friday Night — 7-9pm
Saturday — 10am-4pm

We are planning an exciting two-day event, starting Friday night at 7:00pm with an important opening session.

Saturday will start at 10:00am. We are planning for serious devotional time in God's Word and in prayer, along with music, activities, games, and food. Please plan to be with us until 4:00pm.

Married Couples

Special Session: Saturday — 6:30pm-8:30pm

A special session for married couples (Purity & Pleasure in Marriage) will be offered Saturday evening starting at 6:30pm. Married couples are encouraged to attend the entire conference. The foundational principles and practical application offered during the main conference sessions are directly applicable to married couples as well.
(This session is free)

Where are we meeting?

Trinity Bible Church
16100 Caputo Drive
Morgan Hill, CA

Why should I come?

For God's glory and your joy

Why is this conference important? Because in your purity and pleasure, the glory of God is at stake and your ultimate and highest joy is at stake.

Why is this conference important? Because all that pleases is not real pleasure. Because there is much wrong thinking about pleasure in our world and even in modern Christianity.

Why is this conference important? Because pleasure is not the problem—impure pleasure is. Because temptations abound, the flesh is relentless, and spiritual warfare is real.

Why is this conference important? Because you were made for purity and pleasure—supremely in and through God.


Cost: $10.00 (lunch provided Saturday)

There is no cost for attending the sessions.

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