The Theology of Christian Liberty

The Theology of Christian Liberty
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Pastor M. V. Pereira
10 December 2011

Christian liberty (or freedom) is a subject of no little concern. Calvin said that “wise and skillful persons are aware that this is one of the most important doctrines connected with salvation.”

As in no other place in the Bible, the book of Galatians addresses the substance of legalism and Christian liberty. This is presented in light of the centrality of Christ, redemption by grace alone, and justification through faith alone in Christ alone.

In Galatians chapter five, Paul links human choices and actions with spiritual realities. His strong prohibition against circumcision demonstrates this point. It is not as though the physical act of circumcision mechanically changes any spiritual reality, but the ground, purpose, and motive for subjecting one’s self to it has a definite connection to the heart, the seat of human volition, and thus publishes the object of the soul’s faith.

The intention here is to provide a biblical survey of the doctrine of Christian liberty.

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