We begin a new sermon series, A People for God: Renewing the Mind of the Church.

We are a forgetful people in a land of distractions. Our minds are easily captivated by trivial and temporary inducements. New things quickly become old. In our mind’s eye even glory tends to fade and warnings tend to wane. It is no wonder that we who are invisibly united to Christ and visibly in and not of this world live in constant need of renewal. And what is true for the Christian is true for the church. This is a series that seeks to renew the mind of the church. Not so much by reviewing what she is called to do as much as what she is called. As with the Christian so with church, her God-given identity defines her. We who are the church are a people for God and none other.

Before we return to the book of Romans, we will be looking at the what scripture says about the Church, in its nature, how she expresses herself in song, and how the church cares and equips for its members.

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Manny Pereira - February 12, 2017

Magnificence of the Church

Together to Make Much of Christ

The church exists to make much /not/ of the church but of Christ—and this must define our statement and stewardship of the church. In all of creation, there is only one institution that has been charged with the high responsibility of knowing and making known the person and work of Jesus Christ. That one institution is His church. For this reason, the local church stands above every other institution under heaven for the promotion of God’s glory and man’s joy. What we think about the church shapes what we do as a church. Understanding the magnificence of the church is vital to her life and labors. The life she lives and the fruit she bears is not her own, her life belongs to her Beloved and her fruit is the work of His Spirit. The church is special, necessary, powerful, beautiful, naturally unexplainable—the church is magnificent! May we treat her this way.

Scripture References: Ephesians 3:21

From Series: "Together to Make Much of Christ"

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