For Christ to God's glory and man's joy

Because Holy Scripture reveals the glory of God
in the face of Christ for the good of man.


The foundational revelation of the Creator of the universe—the God who made man and woman, marriage and family, society and nations, music and art; the God of Israel, the covenant Maker and Redeemer of all the families of the earth.

Historical Books

A fabulously rich record of God-centered history in a man-centered world, written for our benefit that we might embrace the supremacy of God.

The Prophets

The inspired writings of the earthen mouthpieces of God calling for a reform of heart, a return to God, an increasing view and honor of His person, an increasing enthrallment over His works, and a faithfulness to His covenant promises.


Living a godly life in an ungodly world requires more than mental acumen; it requires the Hebrew concept of hokmah: God-given wisdom for God-centered living.