We are looking forward to this coming Sunday where we, by God’s grace, will resume in our exposition through Matthew. We begin a new series, “Christ’s Authenticating Ministry”.

A preview of this week’s sermon, “Authority to Redeem”: The King has preached. His sermon spoke of God’s kingdom, unveiling Himself as the one who has come to fulfill its requirements. He unmasked hypocrisy and called for a whole new economy of heart—no less than treasuring God with radical trust, pursuit, and submission to Him who speaks. He taught with authority, now He touches with authority. He spoke words of hope, now He shows works of hope. The One who has come to fulfill all righteousness has come to fulfill all redemption. The Christ who made great claims now authenticates them. He evidences the gospel of the kingdom in shocking manner. But most unexpectedly He reveals Himself to be the King who has come to bear our curse, to take away our punishment, to redeem those dying of sin. Christ alone demonstrates the authority to redeem. Our only response should be radical discipleship—come what may.

To help you to prepare for our Lord’s day gathering, take a moment to read through Matthew 8:1-17. Also, below is what we’ll be singing together, including a new hymn for us, “I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art”.