We are excited to announce new dates for the 2022 Coram Deo Conference. This special event is scheduled for April 29-30—mark your calendars. We are pleased to resume our original plan of hosting this annual conference in the spring.

The conference theme is Sola Gratia: The Only Ground for Glory. Salvation stands on grace—alone. It is the work of God, not man. It makes much of Christ, to God’s glory and man’s joy. This is the locus of our proclamation and the heart of our celebration.

We are delighted to have Dr. Joel Beeke join us as our keynote speaker this year. He serves as a pastor of Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is also president and professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. As one of the foremost contemporary authorities on the Puritans, Dr. Beeke will be presenting a special session dedicated to the doctrines of grace in the legacy of the Puritans. Our speakers will also include Paul Twiss, Todd Burgett, and Pastor Manny. More information to come.

We are reminded that the Reformation celebrated the rediscovery of God in His amazing grace. Eyes were taken off self and directed to the suffering Savior who by grace alone freely grants salvation to unworthy sinners. What a wonderful theme about which to gather.

With joyful anticipation, we look forward to celebrating God’s grace with you.

Registration will open February 2022. (CoramDeoConference.org)