Manny Pereira - September 5, 2018

Art of Redeemed Thinking

Discipline of the Mind

Unit 2: Our Stewardship
The Practice of Godliness; Loving is more an art than a science, and it is the mind that works love. In other words, loving is linked to the art of thinking. Indeed, thinking is an art intended to be pleasing to the heart of God. Just as art cannot be reduced to mechanics, so loving cannot be reduced to mere discipline. Loving God involves appetites and cravings, realities that are more powerful than reason. While mathematics is involved in the making of beauty, creativity is the genius of art. So it is with redeemed thinking, discipline is necessary and can help to train and strengthen healthy habits of the mind but the genius of loving God falls to the art of the heart.

From Series: "Discipline of the Mind"

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