Manny Pereira - April 29, 2020

Bible Questions and Answers - Part 10

Bible Q&A
1. 00:00 -At what point should we as believers shun a professing believer who has drifted into false teaching?  When that time comes, how do we go about the process of separating ourselves?
2. 21:05 - How can I have confidence concerning things that I believe and how important is such confidence?
3. 43:50 - Romans 6:23 says, ”the wages of sin is death”. If this is so, why does 1 John 5:17 talk about sin that does not lead to death?
4. 53:29 - How do you reconcile Exodus 22:5 and turning the other cheek?
5. 58:21 - How important is reading the Bible and prayer life? Can any Christian just pick up the Bible and understand it’s meanings? Should we all go to seminary for deeper meaning?
6. 01:04:11 - Can we hear God’s voice? If yes, how can we hear Him? How does he speak to us?
7. 01:09:10 - What will it be like when the world is coming to an end?
8. 01:10:05 - Why is death so scary?
9. 01:11:25 - If a non-Christian, who knows about Jesus with a chance of not becoming a believer, will they go to hell?v 10. 01:13:20 - Will we remember our loved ones when we are in heaven or will we not know them?
11. 01:14:58 - What will heaven be like?

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