Manny Pereira - June 2, 2021

Bible Questions and Answers - Part 11

Bible Q&A
1. 00:00
Is there a point in prayer life where you can question the Lord, or must you accept that it is all according to His plan? If there is a point where can question, then how must we address it in prayer?
2. 12:38
Can you explain Mark 11 – why would Jesus curse a fig tree not bearing fruit OUT of its season? How is this related to the teaching on prayer in the rest of the chapter? And since we know v23 is not teaching a message of ‘prosperity’ prayer, what is He saying to us about doubt and faith in prayer?
3. 22:15
Regarding prayer, 1 Peter 3:7 … what exactly is meant by hindered?
4. 30:08
Is sanctification monergistic or synergistic? Or can those words even be used?

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