Manny Pereira - July 19, 2020

Christ’s Theophany: Immanuel Revealed on the Storm

This is the account of a most numinous encounter. Vivid recall relives the indelible experience that marks a definitive zenith. It is no wonder that this sacred scene is one of universal fame. Illuminating light upon both the person of Jesus and the purpose of His coming has been, and will continue, increasing. But here an extraordinary highpoint is reached. He has been revealing the secrets of the kingdom to His disciples. But here the greatest of all mysteries is manifest. Jesus is more than Messiah, more than a servant of God—He is God. A theophany is a visible manifestation of God. This is Christ’s theophany. It is the unforgettable revelation of Immanuel (“God with us”) on the storm. It is about Jesus, not Peter or the disciples. Yet, in all its immeasurable heights, it ministers to the redeemed in depths profoundly practical.

Scripture References: Matthew 14:22-36

From Series: "Increasing Illumination"

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