Manny Pereira - June 2, 2019

Christ's Authority

Christ has finished His sermon and the crowds are astonished. He cited no authorities. He sought support for His teaching from no one. Yet He taught with a majestic power that captivated the minds of His listeners. His teaching pointed to His authority. His words revealed His person. He unapologetically presented Himself as self-validating and His words as self-authenticating. Add to all of this the fact that He made Himself the key to the kingdom of heaven and we begin to sense the glory of who it is that speaks. The truly stunning nature of the Sermon on the Mount centers on the authority of the Christ who preached it. This message focuses on Christ’s authority. It seeks to call for a Christ-centered response to and application of Christ’s sermon.

Scripture References: Matthew 7:28-29

From Series: "Sermon on the Mount"

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