Manny Pereira - February 19, 2023

Dead to Sin and Alive to God

The power of the gospel is seen in the free and total salvation it offers, without compromising justice or contradicting the character of God. And the greatest joy of the gospel is seen in God’s giving Himself to the redeemed in Christ. Through the gospel the redeemed are united to Christ in order to gain Him. Not, first and foremost, to gain forgiveness or sanctification or righteousness or heaven, or any other blessing. The redeemed are united to Christ to gain Christ, in whom all other blessings are found. The hearts of the redeemed must begin and dwell here. Only by this can the Christian begin to truly understand sanctification. Only by this gracious and glorious union with Christ can we grow into what we are in Him. Here the vital signs of the new birth are manifest. Since all in Adam are born dead to God and alive to sin, yet all in Christ are reborn dead to sin and alive to God.

Scripture References: Romans 6:11-14

From Series: "Life in Christ"

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