Manny Pereira - August 18, 2019

Encountering Jesus

No one can truly encounter Jesus and remain unchanged. Even the winds and sea obey Him. His is an authority and power that demonstrates sovereign mastery over the greatest forces in nature. Filled with fearful awe, those nearest Him cry, “What sort of man is this?” Now forces greater than nature oppose Him and explicitly reveal the answer. The encounter is nothing less than spectacular. In this miracle scene, the utter peculiarity of His person is put more on display than His power. It is more about who He is than what He can do. His authority derives from His nature. His mere presence produces reaction. The reactions in this dramatic encounter reveal more of Christ with the aim of calling all to see Him for who He is and to reverently receive Him.

Scripture References: Matthew 8:28-34

From Series: "Christ’s Authenticating Ministry"

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