Manny Pereira - February 5, 2020

God’s Will: Providentially Formative

God’s will rules. This is the meaning of sovereignty. God does not violate our nature though He rules in and through our wills. Our choices are voluntary. Thus, not miracle but providence best describes how God’s will rules while man’s will remains accountable for what it freely wants. God’s will and man’s will are not mutually exclusive. They are designed to operate in joyful harmony. But when the creature’s will opposes the Creator’s will, deadlock does not occur. Nor is the outcome uncertain. Nor does the creature prevail over the Creator. The creature is responsible for the thoughts and intentions of his heart, while God’s will rules. Therefore, God’s sovereignty does not relieve human responsibility and human responsibility does not restrain God’s sovereignty.

From Series: "Prevailing Love"


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