Manny Pereira - July 3, 2019

Heaven's Gospel

Christ and His gospel are at the heart of the subject of heaven. The glory of the gospel holds out promises profoundly larger than a happy life in the here and now. The goal of both creation and redemption is glorious and joy-filled communion with God. Heaven’s gospel focuses on grasping the far reach of redemption. It is integral to the Christian worldview and witness. This session considers heaven’s gospel in five major facets. Each of these touch our condition and give color to our interpretation and explanation of the world around us and the hope within us. The first facet is Eden. Eden was that particular region of God’s good creation where God Himself walked in communion with man. We are reminded that God created a “very good” creation, that the problems of the world are not owing to the creation itself, and that the beginning of God’s story perfectly ties to the end. The second facet is the Fall. Here we see God’s image fall in rebellion and corruption. We find explanation of the depravity of man and the pervasive perversion of sin. The Curse is the next facet. The Curse embodies God’s active judgment against humanity’s sin on the created order. It points to the source of creation’s futility and bondage to corruption. It explains all the ultimate origin of all pain, sorrow, suffering, and death. This leads us to the fourth facet: The Hope of the Gospel. Here the story of redemption through Christ crucified and risen brilliantly shines into our night. Christ suffers in our place not only for the punishment due to our sins, but He also suffers the curse to take it away. In sum, redemption reaches the fullest extent of the curse—Christ reconciles even the created order to Himself through the gospel. The hope of a new heaven and new earth is integral to the gospel. The last facet is seen in the fact that heaven will be better than Eden. Heaven’s gospel interprets hard realities and answers hard questions with profound hope.

From Series: "Heaven: Unforgetting the Gospel's Glory"


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