Manny Pereira - May 8, 2019

Hell: Understanding God's Justice

Those who do not understanding justice do not understand hell. And this is not a non-Christian problem—understanding God’s justice is imperative for a healthy Christian worldview. The essence of hell is final justice—ultimate, divine justice. Nevertheless, it is hardly recognized today. We live in culture that measures justice by self and not God. We live in a culture that has been spoiled by divine grace. As a result, the mindset of most suffers a condition that we may call justice inversion. When we fail to see grace as grace, we inevitable see justice as injustice. Guilty men call God’s justice injustice because they think they deserve grace. In this session, we begin examining the nature of hell by first looking at it as a banishment from God. The implications are very significant and terrifying. The focus of this session centers on the key of understanding hell, namely that it is the outworking of punitive justice.

From Series: "Hell: Unforgetting God’s Justice"


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