Manny Pereira - April 17, 2022

Hope Against Hope: Gripped to Trust the Risen Christ

The gospel of Christ crucified and risen is purposed to promote faith in God—a revolutionary faith that lives in hope against hope. The faith that justifies a sinner characterizes them as gripped by God in the grace and glory of His promises in Christ. And the emphatic accent rests on Christ’s resurrection. In no place is this more clearly celebrated than by the Apostle Paul in Romans 4. Christ’s resurrection beckons belief. It calls the heart to trust in the risen Christ in the midst of hopeless. The heart that believes God embraces reality with all its dark difficulties while exulting in the light of the risen Christ. This is a message needful for all who live in this cursed world.

Scripture References: Romans 4:16-25

From Series: "Special 2022"

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