Manny Pereira - September 15, 2019

Jesus Is the Glory of the New Dawn

The blazing sun does not transform the night into day so much as Jesus transforms the world in His coming. The breaking in of the sun upon a cold and dark-blinded world only hints at the transforming significance of the coming of Christ. He has just called Matthew—a tax collector. Strong and telling are the reactions of those who identify with righteousness. In this message, we consider the three illustrations that Jesus uses to teach His own revolutionary significance. More than His teaching, more than His miracles—He Himself is the key that unlocks all hope. He has not come to fix or forsake the old; He has come to fulfill (Matthew 5:17). His presence means change. He is the glory of a new dawn.

Scripture References: Matthew 9:14-17

From Series: "Christ’s Authenticating Ministry"

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