Manny Pereira - July 10, 2022

Worth and Wrath

Value is vital. It is at the core of righteousness, or what makes right and wrong. Righteousness is concerned with rightly valuing what is rightly valuable. All people value things. Just not with the right value for the right things. Yet all people are accountable for what they value. Such is at the heart of what is revealed in this passage. God is supremely valuable, being worthy of all glory and gratitude. Creation itself universally testifies to the supreme value of the Creator. Yet culpable man is corrupt. He does not in himself value what is supremely valuable. He is unrighteous. All people everywhere, without exception, are without excuse. For the witness of God’s worth is everywhere. Rejecting God’s worth rightly results in God’s wrath. But even this difficult truth is communicated in grace so that all might behold the worth of Christ and make much of Him. The gospel redirects rebels to value what is supremely valuable.

From Series: "Corrupt and Culpable"

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