Manny Pereira - September 27, 2020

Like the Son in Humility

As His death and departure draws near, God the Son prepares His disciples for continuance in His absence. He does this in the most masterful manner. Through powerful object lessons, He teaches them who they should be and how they should live as His representatives. The series started with the Son, now in each vignette we see His silhouette. A Christian man must be a Christ-like man. There is no Christianity without Christ, His cross, and His character manifestly present in His people. The church is His embassy on earth, and these are the foundational ethics by which she represents her King and His kingdom. This first of five distinct lessons is the mother of all virtue—the foundation of every other Christlikeness. It is the most unnatural, countercultural, and shockingly ironic principle of true greatness: humility. This passage sets the stage for the rest of the chapter, marking the very beginning of what it means to image Christ. Here we have the call to be like the Son in humility.

Scripture References: Matthew 18:1-5

From Series: "Embassy Ethics"

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