Manny Pereira - April 19, 2020

Maligning Messiah

This is the threshold of an epic clash. Colossal kingdoms and their kings collide, and in the end only one will stand. A preliminary summit of Jesus’ self-revelation has been reached. Matthew’s inspired biography of the Christ pivots here. He is Messiah. His words and works bear witness. The prophets point to Him. The Sabbath points to Him. The Suffering Servant points to Him. Yet, the religious leaders conspire to destroy Him. A keynote has been struck and is here sealed. The Pharisees cannot deny His works—even the crowds recognize them as Messianic signs—so instead they vilify Him. They refuse to accept the evidence, maliciously insisting that the spirit of Satan is upon Him rather than the Spirit of God. They malign the Messiah by defaming His anointing.

Scripture References: Matthew 12:22-37

From Series: "Seeing, Not Perceiving"

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