Manny Pereira - June 14, 2020

New Expectations: The Parable of the Dragnet

Jesus paints another simple yet significant word picture. A most familiar scene reveals quite an unfamiliar expectation. Jesus is adding to His disclosure of the secrets of the kingdom for His disciples. To them He has called attention to the surpassing worth of the King and His kingdom (13:44-46). Despite mixed responses (13:3-9) and small beginnings (13:31-33), the kingdom will advance one by one as hearts are opened to discover its surpassing worth. But, again, not all who seemingly respond to the message of the King will treasure His surpassing worth. Not all in their company will be righteous. Common expectation was to equate righteousness with Israel’s vindication through judgment on Gentiles. God’s fiery judgment was expected at the coming of Messiah. But new color is added to their understanding. Judgment is still certain, but not until the end of the age. In advance of judgment, the kingdom will be universally offered. Those who treasure the King and His kingdom must set out with new expectations, trusting the King and His ways.

Scripture References: Matthew 13:47-50

From Series: "Parables: Secrets of the Kingdom"

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