Manny Pereira - August 2, 2020

None Deserving

Jesus’ road of self-disclosure takes a shockingly unexpected turn. It is a dramatic encounter full of significance. This biographical narrative is about Jesus and is interested in explaining Him. Some have stumbled here, puzzled and even disturbed by what has been called uncharacteristic and offensive. But the Scripture is perfectly unashamed of Jesus. The text makes sense only in its context. Its glory rests on more than human honor. The light of deity shines still with tremendous emphasis. Jesus is the divine Messiah who receives the worship of God. Though promised by covenant to the Jews, by them He is being rejected. Now a plot twist emerges. Unforeseen sight amid privileged blindness is put on display. The hearts of His own are far from Him. Now the defiled draw near. It is a story of outrageous mercy. These are the inscrutable ways of God. They testify that none are deserving of Christ.

Scripture References: Matthew 15:21-28

From Series: "Increasing Illumination"

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