Manny Pereira - May 26, 2019

Only One Foundation

Jesus speaks the finals words of His sermon. They demand a verdict. The only one way to life and the only one gate to the kingdom of God has become the only one foundation for salvation. The scene is remarkable. This poor Jewish carpenter from Nazareth stands before the whole of humanity and in no uncertain terms reduces the wide spectrum of religious and philosophical endeavors to one—grouping all into one—against which He places Himself in a category all His own. Every conceivable way of life and hope of life to come is placed over and against this one Christ. He insists that people neglect His revelation at their own peril. Judgment, like a storm, is coming. Everlasting survival depends upon Him. His words form the foundation of eternal life. But He is not merely a messenger, He is the message! His words are the self-revealing of God. Only those who build their life on Him will stand in the day of judgment. None can dare to walk away from these words unchanged, complacent. His words call for deep-seated discipleship, a holistic embrace and tenacious commitment with nothing less than the whole of one’s life. Jesus proclaims Himself as the only one foundation to eternity and the life that is built upon Him must live to make much of Him.

Scripture References: Matthew 7:24-27

From Series: "Sermon on the Mount"


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