Manny Pereira - September 18, 2019

Relationships Matter More

This session applies the gospel to relational conflict because relationships matter more. To this end, God's shalom is considered in its richness and import for our relationships. The principles of shalom are then applied for the sake of rightly responding to conflict. Through the lenses of shalom we see that our response to conflict should be more about reconciliation than mere resolution. We also see that the glory of our reconciliation with God that we have in Christ is the key to our reconciliation to one another. Praising God for vertical reconciliation furnishes both the ground and goal of horizontal reconciliation with one another. We also see that natural responses to conflict (attack and escape responses) reflect a devaluing of our relationship with God and one another. This session is based on chapter three in the book, “Resolving Everyday Conflict”.

From Series: "Resolving Everyday Conflict"


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