Manny Pereira - October 14, 2018

Religious Hypocrisy

Religious Hypocrisy

In the heart of His sermon on the mount, our Lord transitions from expounding on ‘true righteousness’ to ‘true religion’. He demonstrates an earnest concern for both doing what is right and avoiding hypocrisy, especially in the exercise of religious duty. Religious devotion is designed to be the regular and sincere exercise a Godward heart. According to Jesus, organized religion is not the problem, hypocrisy is. The key is the heart’s aim and ambition, God calls for more the right action. All that we do, including all that is done in religious practice, is to be in expression of our relationship to God as our heavenly Father, to glorify Him and enjoy Him. True religion delights in God.

Scripture References: Matthew 6:1

From Series: "True Religion"

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