Manny Pereira - August 8, 2021

Stewardship Before Splendor

Christ the Lord is departing. His disciples have asked about His return. He has explained that no one can know the timing. In a series of illustrations and parables, Jesus has emphasized the need to be ready and watchful. Now He shows what that means. With the strokes of another powerful parable, Jesus elucidates how those who love Him should be good stewards while He is away. Preparedness is not passive. Watchfulness is not mere waiting. The time of His absence is a matter of our stewardship. Even if our Lord does not return until “after a long time” (25:19) we know with certainty that upon His return we will give an account to Him. The majesty of our King and His kingdom is coming—may we be found faithful, given to stewardship before splendor.

Scripture References: Matthew 25:14-30

From Series: "Show Us Your Majesty"

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