Manny Pereira - December 1, 2019

The Christ-Centered Christ

After warning His Twelve about inevitable persecution, Jesus calls their hearts away from fearing men to fearing God. More than presenting a few cold reasons, He bids a radical reordering of their values. Now, in no small manner, He crowns His call for their hearts with the supremacy of Himself. Christ is above all. He is to be valued above all—even the most important, God-ordained relationships. All is to be done or lost for His sake. This is where He first bids any would-be follower to die (to self) and follow Him. His words cannot pass for good teaching if He is anything less than God. Such primacy is reserved for God alone. He is either a megalomaniac or Messiah. He is truly either deranged, deluded, or deity. Everything—even your own life—is to be centered on Him. This passage reminds us in Christ’s words that His coming was not man centered. He is the Christ-centered Christ and this is our greatest blessing.

Scripture References: Matthew 10:34-39

From Series: "Manifesting the Messiah"

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