Manny Pereira - November 28, 2021

The Crucible’s Window

In this passage, we are given a dramatically singular window into the inner revulsion that God the Son has against sin and its encounter with the Holy. He who directs the darkness is no victim. The whole enterprise of events has been thoroughly subject to His rule. Yet knowledge of His deity must not deter us from fully appreciating the deeply dark—even indescribable—distress that He experiences. Gethsemane hosts an intensely unique scene. Never before has Jesus displayed a hint of hesitancy at the prospect of His cross—never again will He. Here, a window into the depth of Christ’s anguish is given. It reveals His arcane agony. Only faith can see the intent and meaning of His suffering sorrows—they are unknowable by appearances, unknowable from the outside.

Scripture References: Matthew 26:36-46

From Series: "Let There Be Darkness"

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