Manny Pereira - February 2, 2020

A Childish Generation

Children do not often apprehend true greatness. They simply lack the ability to discern real value. In contrast to defining greatness, Jesus now turns to illustrate Israel’s lack of perception. They are like disagreeable children at play, selfish and unreasonable. They foolishly quarrel and refuse to respond to the fullness of God’s invitation to them. They are childish, not childlike. Jesus again links Himself with John, portraying the objections raised against them as childish. This is a powerful picture exposing the grave danger of failing to respond to the reality of Christ with sober maturity. Valuing according to real value, with actions that correspond, and particularly perceiving the real value of Christ is a principle relevant and urgently needed in every generation.

Scripture References: Matthew 11:16-19

From Series: "Seeing, Not Perceiving"

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