Manny Pereira - February 9, 2020

Pride and Privilege

Seeing, Not Perceiving

True greatness is defined in Christ and is manifest in the humility that exalts Him. After defining greatness and reproving His contemporaries as a childish generation failing to rightly respond to the light given them, Jesus now turns from the general to the specific—and it is nothing less than stunning. In this passage, we are met with the most severe words of Jesus to this point in Matthew. The sharpest indictment yet to be given is here issued with shocking force. The implications are far-reaching and revealing. It all has a great deal more to do with the person of Jesus than is often realized. Then, insightfully, pride is featured as the most dangerous hindrance to rightly responding to Jesus. Immediately the principle of greater privilege requiring greater responsibility emerges. Here, some of the greatest themes in Matthew converge in matters of pride and privilege.

Scripture References: Matthew 11:20-24

From Series: "Seeing, Not Perceiving"

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