Manny Pereira - March 1, 2020

The Call of Christ Our Sabbath

Seeing, Not Perceiving

Unrest marks our world. It describes life struggling under the consequence of sin. It is holistic. The all-encompassing curse of rebellion leads to exhaustion. Aptly, the physical illustrates the spiritual. It is all designed for man to grope and seek God. But the proud willfully do not see that apart from God all is vanity and a striving after wind. The self-righteous lean on their privileges and labors for peace with God. But such were just denounced by Jesus. They were too proud to perceive Him though they were given the greatest light of His presence. He now gives grace to the “humbled” with some of the most tender and appealing words of invitation that He ever uttered. And what is His invitation but a call to Himself. In this marvelous passage, Christ presents Himself as only God could—the very solution to humanity’s plight. Christ Himself is our Sabbath: our only means of complete devotion to God, our only hope of true and final refreshment, wholeness, wellness, rest, and life. Christ calls all who have been humbled under the weight of sin and its burden to come to Him, to find life in Him, and to live for Him.

Scripture References: Matthew 11:28-30

From Series: "Seeing, Not Perceiving"

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