Manny Pereira - May 29, 2022

Beloved of God

For the Gospel of God

In the greeting of the most important letter ever written, the writer overshadows his own introduction by the brilliance of another. Displacing himself to the shadows of Christ, Paul’s purposes are more clearly seen. He lives, labors, and loves for the gospel of God. Before his personal appeal and formal teaching in this letter can rightly be discerned and appreciated, one particular component of the gospel demands closer consideration in its historical context. Readers today must strive to see the gospel of God through first-century lenses. This message seeks to break through millennia of familiarity and read afresh the words, “beloved of God.” At the heart of Romans is a profoundly moving message for sinners who sense their need, having ears to hear and eyes to see.

Scripture References: Romans 1:7

From Series: "For the Gospel of God"

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