Manny Pereira - April 23, 2023

The Holy and Helpless Law

Strikingly, sin and the Law have been closely linked. The Law is said to bring the knowledge of sin (3:20), increase sin (5:20), and arouse sinful passions (7:5). Paul now clarifies. He extols the Law as holy and yet shows that it is at the same time helpless to enable what it commands. While the fault lies with the sinner, not the Law, the fact remains that the Law is helpless to justify or sanctify. Sanctification, or growing in the life and likeness of Christ, is Paul’s primary concern in this section of his letter. And in this we see again the grand glory of Christ for righteousness, positionally and practically. Only union with Christ secures both justification and sanctification.

Scripture References: Romans 7:7-12

From Series: "Life in Christ"

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