Manny Pereira - April 18, 2021

Weight of Worthiness

Ignorance is not bliss. Not when it comes to worthiness. Humanity’s tragedy may be summed up in the failure to truly value what is truly valuable. The story behind sin, pride, and self-righteousness is the failure to supremely honor what is supremely honorable and love most what is most lovely. Such is the impetus of rebellion and treason against God. Powerfully this principle explains the fatal rejection of Jesus, constituting the central theme of His final parable in this series. It is a story of outrageous disrespect, ingratitude, and rebellion. Categorically it condemns the contempt with which Israel’s leaders treat their King and Prince. None could exhaust the magnificent majesty of Christ. Yet He was despised and rejected by the very ones who were privileged to first receive His invitation. The weight of worthiness was not felt. Here we are confronted with our own accountability to Christ’s worthiness. For this parable adds a new dimension that underscores the dreadful reality that God is not dishonored only by outward rejection. Many are called, but few feel the weight of the worthiness of Christ.

Scripture References: Matthew 22:1-9-14

From Series: "Claiming the Kingdom"

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