Resolving Everyday Conflict

Conflict is common. It’s common to all people and it’s common to all of life. It’s usually experienced in our ordinary interactions with an overbearing boss, a challenging colleague, a difficult neighbor, a moody teenager, a complaining spouse, etc. Conflict is common but applying the gospel to our conflicts is not. Most of us hate conflict. So we either respond with dysfunctional conflict avoidance or dysfunctional anger. Either way bitterness and callousness set in. Though we want to deal with conflict in a more God-honoring, people-loving way we often do not know how to.

Resolving Everyday Conflict is a nine-week study, based on the book by Peacemaker Ministries, that seeks to unpack key biblical principles for dealing with conflict resolution and cultivating healthier relationships. It is a Christ-centered study that presents powerful and practical answers to everyday problems. Whether you’re struggling in a relationship at home, at work, at school, or know someone who is, this study offers help for living out the gospel in our relationships.

Workbooks are available for this study (from our Wednesday night service – 7:00pm each week). If you would like to purchase a copy, please email the church office. Cost per book: $5. I addition, you can also pick up the book copy of the original material from Peacemaker Ministries: Resolving Everyday Conflict here.

Manny Pereira - August 15, 2018

Bible Questions and Answers - Part 5

Questions and Answers

Bible Q&A
1. (Begins at minute 07:55) Can the term, 'under spiritual attack' at times be overused? How can a balance be found between avoiding a scornful and disbelieving attitude, in a very serious reality, but at the same time, not attributing spiritual warfare inappropriately?
2. (Minute 12:29) What are we to do if over the years of being a Christian, we feel that the armor of God has been beaten off of us by Satan, no longer able to stand, and don’t even know how to pray any longer?
3. (Minute 17:48) What role to angels play in spiritual warfare? Some interpret Hebrews 1:14 to say we have guardian angels. “Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?”
4. (Minute 20:02) Are the rulers and authorities in any way an indication of demonic influence over the affairs of the nations? In what way should we view it in terms of government and institutions of men?
5. (Minute 23:54) What do you do when your anxiety overpowers you to the point of not being able to physically speak, move, or even ask anyone, or God, for help?
6. (Minute 30:30) The thought of going to war scares me. Should we fear anything surrounding spiritual warfare?
7. (Minute 37:23) What is one thing on this subject you wish young people would take to heart, take seriously?
8. (Minute 43:44) Standing firm in Ephesians 6 sounds like abiding in Christ in John 15. Is the armor of God partially an explanation of how we abide?
9. (Minute 45:59) Is a family or a church more vulnerable to spiritual attack when the leaders, fathers, shepherds, excuse sin such as pride, ambition, laziness, etc.? Is this a spiritual reality in the scriptures or is a spiritual attack just individual?
10. (Minute 51:06) How do we put on the armor in Ephesians 6? How do we go about using this armor? Should this be a daily practice?
11. (Minute 57:30) Does watching horror movies, specifically ones that deal with demons and the supernatural, open a person up to spiritual attack?
12. (Minute 64:06) You mentioned that the church must fight for the kingdom by handing off the responsibility one day to the young men being discipled. I am a single woman. If I never get married, will I be called to take a greater action in this fight for the kingdom?
13. (Minute 67:00) Using the military comparison of calling young men to fight daily, what, if any, responsibility do you feel the church or leaders have to help prepare our young men to do battle moment by moment? Or is this responsibility fully that of their family?
14. (Minute 71:04) What do you do when you pour out your heart and love trying to be a part of groups around you, but you’re not accepted or appreciated?

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