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Manny Pereira - June 21, 2020

Transforming Revelation: The Parable of the Householder

Parables: Secrets of the Kingdom

The King has come and has spoken of His kingdom. But the proud cannot perceive it in Jesus. Their learned understanding affords no place for Him as Christ. Self-righteousness has blinded them from the secrets of the kingdom, which are epitomized in the quiet, gentle, holy humility of the King Himself. By grace, He reveals Himself to a chosen few. It is a transformative revelation. To them understanding has been freely given. And in turn, they must freely give. They are as new kingdom scribes, graced to know and teach its secrets. With new revelation comes new responsibility. “New” is key here—not merely fresh in time, but unanticipated in substance. With Jesus new fulfillment comes, opening new understanding. He speaks of a revolutionary continuity—fulfillment of the old in new glory. It testifies to a radical, transforming revelation.

Scripture References: Matthew 13:51-52

From Series: "Parables: Secrets of the Kingdom"

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