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Manny Pereira - June 27, 2021

Christ’s Majesty Prophesied

The prophets foretold the coming majesty of Messiah. Now Messiah, prophesying of Himself, in meekness foretells majesty. After three years of ministry, He still has not revealed it. Only glimpsing foretastes have been given to a select few that they may trust Him through His word (2 Peter 1:16-21). After speaking of His departure and Jerusalem’s destruction, Jesus prophesies about the future manifestation of His majesty. It is prophecy in the likeness of the prophets, and this is key to understanding its predictions both near and far. Scripture interprets Scripture. The previous sermon in this series sought to demonstrate certain weaknesses of systems that claim solely past or solely future fulfillment. This sermon seeks to let the text speak from its context. A discourse analysis of the prophecy is outlined, and its essential message is proclaimed. Jesus is the divine Messiah, majestic and glorious. But His inglorious cross awaits Him (26:2). None could have adequately prepared for the scandal of a crucified Christ. But He will return in glory to judge the living and the dead and His kingdom will have no end. The Olivet Discourse rightly discerned is about Christ’s majesty prophesied.

Scripture References: Matthew 25:31

From Series: "Show Us Your Majesty"


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