Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - July 4, 2021

Days of Darkness - Part 1

Ours are days of darkness—tribulating times. True, all is not as dark as it can be. Variation and seasons of greater and lesser intensity are felt like contractions in pregnancy. Nevertheless, darkness is what we should expect in the world when the Light of the world leaves. This affliction and ripple will be felt in nature and culture. The absence of Christ characterizes the “progress” of our world, and its judgment. Far from fueling doomsday madness, Jesus begins answering His disciples with a deeply sobering descriptive warning. The church is to expect difficulties, distresses, and disasters until her Lord returns. But built into this projection is a promise: Christ will certainly come in unmistakable glory. Tribulating times are to remind us of Christ’s judgment in absentia and to prepare us for His Parousia (majestic presence). The Light of the world will one day invade and eradicate all darkness, shining glory throughout a new creation.

Scripture References: Matthew 24:4-14

From Series: "Show Us Your Majesty"

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