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Manny Pereira - July 18, 2021

Certainty of Light

Show Us Your Majesty

How is one to live in days of darkness? With one’s heart fixed on the certainty of light yet to come. Absence is all that Jesus has discussed so far in answering the disciples’ first question. Tribulating darkness was the theme. Now He begins to speak of His coming majestic presence. The blessed hope of light is in view. In this passage we encounter the most debated section of the Olivet Discourse. Sadly, the import of its glory is often missed. Certainty in the hope of Christ’s glorious coming is being sounded. Debates over dates, signs and times, are here silenced. In their second question, the disciples asked for the sign of Jesus’ Parousia. Here, He calls them to trust in His words not signs. Times of trouble must come, but more certain than the trouble is His coming. His light will surely overcome the darkness when He comes. They are to remain faithful, as children of light, in the certainty of hope. People troubled by darkness make much of light. We are to make much of Christ in this present world. His majestic light is coming—this is certain.

Scripture References: Matthew 24:29-35

From Series: "Show Us Your Majesty"

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