Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - July 25, 2021

Readiness for Radiance

Show Us Your Majesty

A clarion for readiness is sounded. Christ promises His majestic, visible, universal, and unmistakable return in superlative glory and power. Now, He moves from prediction with certainty to preparation with expectancy. Of Christ’s return, certainty marks its truth not its timing. Here we are confronted with the practical purpose of prophecy. Jesus directs attention not to additional information but to the practical implications of the information already given. He stresses the fact that the timing of His return is unknowable and indeterminate. His coming will be without warning, swift and sudden, interrupting the ordinary course of life. Using several illustrations, Jesus calls for constant vigilance, alertness, sobriety, expectancy, and faithfulness. Surprise and astonishment at His epic revelation will overcome not only the world but also many professing followers of Jesus. Readiness is His charge. But far more than being ready for a cosmic event, we are called to be ready for the personal radiance of Christ’s majesty—personally.

Scripture References: Matthew 24:36-51

From Series: "Show Us Your Majesty"

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