Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - November 15, 2020

Seeking Heaven from Home

The home embodies what is most personal and private. It hosts the dwelling place of the heart. It is no surprise, then, that virtually no other realm is treated more self-determined and autonomous. This includes the home of singles. Yet, Christ is Lord of heart and home. As He leads His disciples toward the cross of Jerusalem, He symbolically leads them toward the crown of His kingdom. The humble Christ is King, not the proud self. Jesus exposes pervasive man-centered paradigms and unravels conventional thinking, values, and priorities in the most personal and private places. This addresses marriage, singleness, and children—the home. Here “home” is concerned with much more than a biblical worldview of domestic duties. The heart lived out in the most foundational place of human society is the point. A self-seeking life undermines God’s design for the home and society. Jesus masterfully reveals how we should be seeking heaven from home.

Scripture References: Matthew 19:10-15

From Series: "Toward the Kingdom"

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