Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - September 26, 2021

Stewards of Grace to One Another

The invisible realities at work in Christ’s church are profound. Tragically, they are all too often undervalued. A revolutionary principle exists within the church that holds out the answer to a universal predicament, the hope of the ages, and the final resolution of all division, strife, enmity, and death. Exclusively, the church is graced with Christ in us in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. The gospel effects more than establishing a right relationship with God—it joins diversities of people together into samples of a whole new humanity. In Christ, we are collectively a new creation whose fellowship should be marked by holistic devotion to Christ /and/ one another. The church exists to make much not of the church but of Christ. The idea is massive. God is at the center, Christ is the means, the Holy Spirit is the agent, the gospel is the key, love in service and support is the hallmark, and joy-filled fellowship is the outcome. We, the church, are stewards of these graces to one another.

Scripture References: Romans 12:1-8

From Series: "Stewards of Grace"

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