Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - July 17, 2022

The Self Revolution

Corrupt and Culpable

The witness of God’s worth is everywhere, rightly requiring acknowledgement and thanksgiving. But rather than rightly honoring Him and giving Him thanks, the creatures made in God’s very image have engaged in a scandalous rebellion. Man has devalued and rejected God through an insane interchange—value for vanity. Man has supremely valued his creation rather than his Creator. Here, man puts himself in the place of God. The moral chaos of our world is the fallout of this revolt. Self-destruction and hopeless mark the reward of our shame. This passage captures an epic and devastating reality: man’s self revolution and God’s judgment against it. Some of the most dreadful words in all of Scripture are contained here. Yet, their purpose is to point us to Christ, the only One who can reverse the self revolution, making peace with God and healing those made in His image.

Scripture References: Romans 1:21-32

From Series: "Corrupt and Culpable"

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