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Manny Pereira - February 12, 2023

Redeemed Reasoning

Life in Christ

The glory of Romans 6 is seen in the centrality of Christ. His life, death, and resurrection form the only hope the sinner has to be set right with God. Justification has no other object on which faith can rely. But God’s grace affects more than justification. It abounds and reigns for the sanctification of redeemed sinners. Here too Christ is central. For sanctification is grounded in the saint’s union with Christ. Understanding union with Christ is indispensable to the Christian life. The fact of union with Christ calls for a discipline of faith if the saint would grow in sanctification. This passage wonderfully emphasizes the discipline of the mind, the grand importance of redeemed reasoning for the glory of Christ and our growth in Him.

Scripture References: Romans 6:5-11

From Series: "Life in Christ"

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