Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - January 10, 2021


This message touches the nerve of gospel motivation. It presents a concerted interest in the vitality and thriving of Christ’s own beloved Bride, for the sake of His glory and her goodness. It is a call for recalibration and resolve, navigating through fears and factors of our times with timeless light. Here, an accurate and clear understanding of who God is calls for an accurate and clear understanding of who we are. Identity directs activity. With increasing need, we must cultivate that identity which Christ has secured on our behalf and through which He is sanctifying us even against the rising tide of opposition and division, in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation. Our identity must be protected and promoted against every pressure and persuasion centered not on Christ. If we forget who we are we will soon lose our direction. We are “saints”—an identity both resplendent and revitalizing.

Scripture References: Romans 1:6-7

From Series: "Special 2021"

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