Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - March 27, 2022

Christ Resurrected

At the heart of the gospel is a cross. Yet its power was distinctly unleashed through resurrection, not death. For the cross to accomplish any eternal good, the Christ who was crucified had to be vindicated. In this way, the victory of the cross depends on the vindication of the Christ. For all that the resurrection means for us, it means more to Christ. For all the unfathomable glory that its shining light beams to the farthest reaches of creation, its greatest glory serves to exalt Christ. Indeed, Christ’s resurrection is the first step of His exaltation. This is key to our understanding of Christ and the gospel. It is key to our worldview and devotion. Christ resurrected is key to God’s glory and man’s joy.

Scripture References: Acts 2:22-36

From Series: "Glory of the Risen Christ"

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