Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - August 23, 2020

Manifesting the Mysteries of Christ

Increasing Illumination

On the path of increasing illumination, we have reached a summit of disclosure and declaration. An encounter full of wonder and awe is unfolded before us. Everything turns on one glorious revelation: Jesus is the Christ. As the parables spoke of the secrets of the kingdom, so this passage verbally unveils the secrets of Christ the King. It is a passage marked with firsts. In their own heart, soul, mind, and strength, no one understands, but God is here pleased to grant the beginnings of grasping Christ’s glory. It is not so much about a man’s confession as it is God’s revelation. It is about light shining out of darkness. For the first time, a man explicitly declares Jesus to be the Christ. Only after the person of Christ is revealed, can His plan be rightly known. Conspicuously, the first mention of Christ’s church immediately follows. Then, with stunning and fearful awe, the first disclosure of the cross is directly given. Here the marvelous mysteries of Christ are manifest unlike anywhere else.

Scripture References: Matthew 16:13-23

From Series: "Increasing Illumination"

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