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Manny Pereira - October 20, 2019

King of Compassion

Christ’s Authenticating Ministry

The whole drama of redemption is marked by compassion. The unveiling of Jesus’ identity has been stressed in the immediate context. He is undeniably the Christ. Now, on the heels of open rejection, Christ’s glory shines with the warmth of compassion for the crowds. This is no mere emotion. It is deep, gracious love that acts on behalf of its object. In this transitional passage, Christ’s compassion gives motive to His commission. He will soon send out His laborers to garner the lost sheep of Israel, testifying that He is the Christ who is faithful to His promises. The scene captures the beauty of the glory of a new dawn beaming out to humanity in compassion. The warmth of the kingdom invades and touches lives as the dawn of the King rises. Jesus is the King of compassion.

Scripture References: Matthew 9:35-38

From Series: "Christ’s Authenticating Ministry"

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